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Tools with double benefit, for the passenger and for the operator

Detailed, real-time information for those who use it, and faster updates for those who maintain it

Trip Planner

Unprecedented concept in Brazil for presenting to the web the same resources of the trip planner, from its own data, without depending on external APIs. For use in operators' and management agencies' websites


Complete information for operators' and administrators' websites. By selecting the line, the user has access to the schedule grid, the map with the location of the vehicles on the line, and the forecasts of arrival at bus stops.

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For busiest bus stops, it allows the user to have real-time arrival forecasts, with information that is always up-to-date. It has low implementation and maintenance costs, and enables advertising exploitation

Painéis de mensagens

For installation in terminals and busy points that have internet connection. They inform of upcoming departures and arrivals, including in real time, and enable the management to exploit advertising

What is the scope of such a solution?

In Manaus, since 2021 the terminals and transfer stations have monitors that inform public transport users, in real time, of upcoming forecasts, using technology

According to the Manaus City Hall, at least 40 thousand passengers circulate daily through one of the system’s terminals. Imagine an institutional action of the operator in this space, such as announcing the re-registration of students, or an action of the city hall advertising the discounts of IPTU (property tax)?

The return, if compared to the low cost of implementation and maintenance, is higher than in other advertising media.