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    Our public transport information products reach more than two million users a year, through different channels - customized mobile apps, QR codes at bus stops, journey planners, website consultation

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    From data registration, through operational planning, fleet monitoring, and integration with other suppliers, we are the ideal platform for information management.

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    By cross-referencing different bases and applying measurements that combine innovation and expertise of 30 years in the public transportation segment, we deliver the complete business intelligence for you to make decisions based on your data.

The platform that integrates users and managers of public transportation

Bus2 – “bus to” – is a complete ecosystem of information at different levels for the public transportation segment. Divided into three pillars, the platform was designed to offer the best experience to the passenger who uses its products, and to provide agility in the maintenance of information for those who operate the system. With the expertise of those who know the segment like few others, the platform innovates in offering solutions for system management, gathering metrics and presenting opportunities for operational improvement.

Mobile application

With all the information that the user of public transport needs for their day to day, and that can have the visual identity of your operator or managing body

User information

Routes and schedules integrated to the site of the operator or managing agency, always up to date, and real-time forecasts for stops and terminals

Data Management

Three levels of solutions offered to the operator or managing body - Information Management, Operational Management, and Business Intelligence

Behind the brand Bus2 has expertise and innovation




Founded in 2013, Mobilibus is the largest public transportation information integrator in Latin America, with more than 100,000 vehicles monitored in real time simultaneously. Specialized in user information solutions, in 2022 it registered more than 2 million active users in the more than 50 customized applications it maintains



With focus on mobility as a service, Aequante is focused on business intelligence for public transport, joining cutting edge technology and consulting knowledge in the segment. Data from various sources are confronted to extract the maximum value to those who manage transportation systems, with agility and automation of processes.

Building bridges

Bus2 is present in the routine of those who use public transportation, integrating solutions at different levels, thus offering a complete experience

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Compared to 2021, 40% increase in the number of unique users, with double the use of apps


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